Free Flight

Free-flight is not a legal definition, more a philosophy. At its heart is the idea of flying purely for fun, usually locally, rather than with the object of going from A to B. True, some free-flight pilots have achieved astonishingly long record flights, but these are exceptional individuals; most free-flyers just want to turn up, take-off, play at being a bird, land, pack up and go home, feeling a warm glow of satisfaction at having seen our wonderful world from a position previously reserved for a priviledged.

Reason to Paraglide

Good morning
Just wake up from the doses for oblivion
We are all destined for the capital punishment,which comes later or sooner accordingly
Boredoms the root of all evil
It's a  bright sunny day
Just do it again for reasons of adrenaline gain,fame,vain or anything
See you all at ridge