Sites in HK

There are many Flying sites in Hong Kong.

Mostly they cater for East winds, but it is possible to fly in nearly all wind directions throughout the year.

The majority of the sites are Soaring sites with reasonable options for landing and top landing, however there are some very challenging sites which deserve consideration and experience flying them due to local conditions and Landing options

There are strict limits placed on our flying here in hong kong, Please do not fly outside the approved areas

Visiting Pilots please register with the club on this page of the website

HK Airspace

Hong Kong has sensitive airspace that we do not wish to lose. It has taken years to gain sites and they can be lost in a moment should pilots not be careful

Hong Kong is home to a very busy International Airport.

There are height limits at all of the sites that MUST be adhered to.

IMPORTANT: Any flight outside the legal flight areas is not allowed - if there is any incident of any kind it is not condoned by the HKPA and you are not covered by any insurances.

Click here to Download Google Earth .kml file to view sites. ( HK paragliding zone.kml )

Civil Aviation Department info on Flying Sites