Site Guide

Visiting Pilots - Please dont forget to Register

There are quite a few flying sites in Hong Kong. They are good in differing winds.

The Red Sites are for Experienced Pilots

Site Etiquette

  • - Remove and police site of litter (both ours’ and others) - if you are going to fly down with an empty harness, consider taking some trash with you.
  • - Be polite to general public, If you need them to move for safety, ask nicely to move.
  • - Set up at the back area if you are slow to arrange your kit and move to the front when you intend to TakeOff - Dont Block the TakeOff
  • - Dont Fly continuously in front of TakeOff.
  • - Assist new & less experienced pilots, even if only pointers.
  • - Give more room to less experienced pilots in air and landings.
  • - Be observant of other pilots taking off & landing, don’t block flight path.
  • - If you find rubbish on the takeoff, consider placing some of the bottles in your harness for a ride to the landing field for disposal.

Please take note of the HK Airspace Restrictions..

Please also remember the local Launch Etiquette 

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Download Sites for Google Earth Here: HK paragliding zone.kml

East Winds

Shek O

Ma On Shan

Long Kee Wan

South Winds

South Lantau

Pat Sin

Cloudy Hill

North Winds

Pak Tam Au

West Winds

Shek O (back side - experienced pilots)