Registration Flow


There has been questions over how to use the website to join the HKPA/
Here is a set of images showing how to do each of the steps, i hope it helps

Click on each image to enlarge them.

Step 1 : Read the How to Join the HKPA information

Step 2: Click "Register"

Step 3: Make the Payment to the HKPA Bank Account ( keep copy of transfer receipt number )

Step 4: Select Membership 

Step 5: Select your Passport type photo image for the upload ( this image must be a passport type photo please )

Step 6: Enter Personal Data

Step 7: Select the Photo of your Flying Licence ( must be a appropriate image type .jpg , .png etc ) 

Step 8: Enter Wing Type information

Step 9: Tick Accept Terms and enter code

Step 10: Acknowledge Terms and Conditions - Select "HSBC" image if you have paid by Internet Banking

Step 11: Confirm that you have actually sent the funds

Step 12: Your Receipt 

Step 13: 1st Email from the website - confirming your application

Step 14: Once registered, login using your username and password and enter you banking record information


Step 15: The Committee recieve the application request - we need to Confirm your funds have been deposited and then we "Pay" in your Application - this makes you an active member 

Step 16: 2nd Automated email

Step 17 : Login again and there should be the members section in your browser- Welcome to the HKPA !!!