Launch Etiquette

As Paragliding in Hong Kong becomes more popular, we are getting more and more crowded at the Takeoff and Top Landing area. 
This has led to some incidents and accidents and it is time that this was discussed.

Internationally, there are general rules of etiquette when it comes to Launching and sites, and especially so when it is a Top Landing site like Ma On Shan and Long Kee Wan.

The following is a suggested set of rules to improve safety in Hong Kong
  1. The LANDING paraglider ALWAYS has the right of way over a TAKING OFF Paraglider.
  2. Do NOT Inflate your paraglider when another paraglider is landing behind - if they dont land they might fly into your wing. ( see rule 1 )
  3. Do not lay out your glider on the Takeoff area unless you are clipped in and ready to take off. ( see rule 1 )
  4. If you want to practice Ground Handling, do it when others are not Landing. Keep an eye open for landing paragliders ( see rule 1 )
  5. Do not leave your wing on the ground if you are not clipped into it to takeoff or ground handle, bundle it up and put it outside of the Landing Area ( see rule 1 )
  6. Pack up quickly after landing, get out of the way of other landing traffic ( see rule 1 )

These are just common sense and are ideas to avoid incidents and accidents.
1. 降落中的滑翔傘有優先權進行頂降。
2. 如果正好有傘友準備或嘗試降落時,請你不要起動你的滑翔傘起飛或控傘。萬一他們降落不成功,有可能會撞到你拉起的滑翔傘墮地受傷。
3. 除非你準備好起飛,請盡量不要把滑翔傘放置在起飛場的起飛區和頂降範圍內。
4. 如果你要進行地面控傘練習,請留意有沒有滑翔傘準備降落。如有傘友準備降落,請拉下滑翔傘讓傘友先行降落。
5. 如頂降的傘友完成降落,請盡快收拾器材離開起降區以便其他傘友進場或起飛。
祝大家 開開心心飛行去,平平安安回家來

(PS - Thankyou to Tommy Au for the Chinese translation- Thanks Tommy ! )