Solo Novice

As a Novice rated pilots you MUST fly supervised by at least a club pilot at ALL Sites

As a Solo Novice rated pilot , you are able to fly legally without supervision of a HKPA Club Pilot at the following sites:

Ma On Shan
Shek O
Long Kee Wan

You still must be supervised by a HKPA Club Pilot at:
Pak Tam Au
Cloudy Hill

To qualify from Novice to Solo Novice you must pass the Solo Novice Exam ( inside the members section) and get a Club Rated pilot to vouch for your skill level and that you are able to make safe decisions at the sites before and during flight.

Points to consider.
Always check the forecast for the day, if there is changeable weather forecast, keep an eye out for the changes. 
Keep and eye on the landing field, check for wind indicators - is the field still suitable?
Keep an eye on the wind speed, If there are signs of the wind changing ( stronger OR weaker ) and get on the ground early rather than later 


The HKPA Committee