Remote Control Models

On some of the sites ( Mostly Ma On Shan ) there sometimes can be remote controlled aircraft being flown at the same time as paragliders are operating.

Whilst it is generally safe to fly at the same time as the RC aircraft, try to avoid flying too close to them.

At Ma On Shan their launch site is in the "bowl" to the north just before Pyramid hill. 

On Strong wind days there will be more RC activity, and generally there is enough lift for there to not be a problem. When the lift starts to drop and you require to fly near the cliff is where we sometimes conflict. 

Please read the powerpoint atricle in the downloads area. 

Pragmatically, if you need to fly near the cliff, try to get enough height and fly overhead and slightly behind the RC pilots, this will enable them to maintain view of their aircraft. If you must fly in front of them near the cliff, try not to do it very often as obviously this will annoy then and make it difficult for them to see their aircraft. 

The HKPA committee has provided members with a whistle to alert the RC pilots of their intent to cross the RC flying area. 

I think the message here is try to cooperate, but remember at all times, if the RC modellers are flying too close to you land and approach them nicely and express your concerns. 

There has been history where paragliders have been struck by RC models, so be careful.

if you feel that safety has been compromised, contact safety officer ( )