HK Sites

There are many Flying sites in Hong Kong. Mostly they cater for East winds, but it is possible to fly in nearly all wind directions throughout the year.

The majority of the sites are Soaring sites with reasonable options for landing and top landing, however there are some very challenging sites which deserve consideration and experience flying them due to local conditions and Landing options

There are strict limits placed on our flying here in Hong Kong, Please do not fly outside the approved areas

HK Airspace

Hong Kong has sensitive airspace that we do not wish to lose. It has taken years to gain sites and they can be lost in a moment should pilots not be careful

Hong Kong is home to a very busy International Airport.

There are height limits at all of the sites that MUST be adhered to.

IMPORTANT: Any flight outside the legal flight areas is not allowed - if there is any incident of any kind it is not condoned by the HKPA and you are not covered by any insurances.

Paragliding areas are set out in the Civil Aviation Department AIP section 5.5

Click here to Download Google Earth .kmz file to view sites. ( HK paragliding zone.kmz)

Site Etiquette

  • Remove and police site of litter (both ours’ and others) - if you are going to fly down with an empty harness, consider taking some trash with you.
  • Be polite to general public, If you need them to move for safety, ask nicely to move.
  • Set up at the back area if you are slow to arrange your kit and move to the front when you intend to launch - Don't block the launch area.
  • Don't fly continuously in front of the launch area.
  • Assist new & less experienced pilots, even if only pointers.
  • Give more room to less experienced pilots in air and landings.
  • Be observant of other pilots taking off & landing, don’t block flight path.
  • If you find rubbish on the takeoff, consider placing some of the bottles in your harness for a ride to the landing field for disposal.

Launch Etiquette

As Paragliding in Hong Kong becomes more popular, we are getting more and more crowded at the Launch and Top Landing area.

This has led to some incidents and accidents and it is time that this was discussed.

Internationally, there are general rules of etiquette when it comes to launching, and especially so when it is at a Top Landing site like Ma On Shan and Long Kee Wan.

The following is a suggested set of rules to improve safety in Hong Kong

  • The LANDING paraglider ALWAYS has the right of way over a LAUNCHING paraglider.
  • Do NOT Inflate your paraglider when another paraglider is landing behind - if they don't land they might fly into your wing.
  • Do not lay out your glider on the Takeoff area unless you are clipped in and ready to take off.
  • If you want to practice Ground Handling, do it when others are not landing. Keep an eye open for landing paragliders.
  • Do not leave your wing on the ground if you are not clipped into it to takeoff or ground handle, bundle it up and put it outside of the landing area.
  • Pack up quickly after landing, get out of the way of other landing traffic.
  • These are just common sense and are ideas to avoid incidents and accidents.
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