Cloudy Hill

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Cloudy Hill is a challenging Thermal site for S winds.

The site is to the north of the territory near Tai Po with a Southerly aspect. To the East of the Take Off is the Pat Sin Range which is reachable from the Take Off if you can gain sufficient height for the initial glide.

The Take Off is on a sloping grassy surface.

Depending on the actual direction of the wind there can be lift on the Western bowl edge ( if the wind is more East ). It can take some experimenting to locate the lift on the day.

You can not see the LZ from the Take Off.

Landing Areas:

Top Landings – Are possible, but with careful planning.

The LZ is a paddock down and to the Left of TakeOff. It has a road next to it and a small hill to the west of it. It is an interesting approach to a reasonable field. There can be wet area in the field. You can get out of the paddock by climbing the fence.


Winds to look for on the HKO website are Tai Mei Tuk with as much S as possible.

Height Limit 2500 feet = 760m

Pilot Rating:

Club Pilot


Cloudy Hill has an sheltered Take Off area that has its own conditions that may not be all that similar to what you can experience when airborne.

To the East of Take Off there is a set of Powerlines to be avoided

To the West over the ridge there is a Large set of High Tension Power lines. If you end up on the West side of the Take Off ridge ensure you can clear these lines.


Getting to Cloudy Hill ( Taxi )– Head toward Hong Lok Yuen. Park your car and call taxi driver to take you to the top of the Hill for Take Off. In the past I have used Mr Tang ( Taxi Driver ) 9288 4571 for $200 taxi drive up. If you have a few to share the fare it is reasonable. Believe me the ride up the track to Take Off deserves the fare.

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