New Hong Kong Rating System

14 Oct 2017 11:31 | Anonymous

HKPA will soon start issuing Hong Kong paragliding licenses directly (rather than simply converting foreign licences).  In addition Hong Kong instructor ratings will also be available.

Hong Kong Instructor ratings were offered many years ago.  This was stoped, amongst other reasons, because the appropriate standard could not be assured.  With the new system the Association of Paraglider Pilots and Instructors (APPI) syllabus will be adopted and instructor standards will be maintained based on the APPI rules.  In addition to completing the appropriate APPI syllabus and examinations each applicant for any new Hong Kong license beyond Novice will be required to pass a Hong Kong Air Law exam appropriate to the level of license sought.  The HKPA licensing structure will be aligned with the APPI system but the HKPA license names will remain to reflect the additional requirement of a Hong Kong Air Law exam.

 HK Level  APPI Level
 Novice  No equivalent
 Solo Novice  Open Sky Pilot
 Club Pilot  Adventure Pilot
 Pilot  Pilot
 Advanced Pilot  Advanced Pilot 
 Tandem  Non Commercial Tandem 
 Advanced Tandem  Pro Tandem
 Assistant Instructor  Assistant Instructor
 Instructor  Instructor
 Master Instructor  Master Instructor

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Here is some back ground information:

The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of HK (SFOC) is the organisation that assigns a National Spots Association (NSA) to administer each sport in Hong Kong.  The NSA for Paragliding in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Paragliding Association (HKPA).

Worldwide air sports are governed by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).  The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the HKPA hold the positions of FAI Hong Kong Hang Gliding and Paragliding Delegate and Alternate Delegate respectively.

The HKPA has the full support of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department HKCAD.

The HKPA Executive Committee (EC) is constitutionally required to form a sub committee named the Safety Training Education Committee (STEC) to advise on matters related to Safety and Training.  This sub committee was tasked with researching many of the education systems used worldwide for use and adoption by the HKPA.  Among many considerations was integration with the FAI IPPI system (not to be confused with the APPI syllabus).  The Executive Committee recently voted to accept the recommendation of the STEC and to adopt the syllabus used by Association of Paraglider Pilots and Instructors (APPI).

The HKPA administers paragliding in Hong Kong.  The goal of the HKPA is to provide the appropriate structure to promote the sport of paragliding in Hong Kong.  We support the paragliding community and the multiple clubs and schools providing paragliding services in Hong Kong.  We aim to help these clubs and schools to provide safe and appropriate services to the paragliding community.

Hong Kong currently has 1 APPI Master Instructor and 2 APPI Assistant Instructors.   In November we will run an assessment for those interested in new ratings to advise which courses will be required to reach the required standard. The plan is that next year the first HKPA tandem course will be run followed by an Assistant instructor course.  As more Instructors are qualified more courses will be available.

Because the APPI syllabus will be adopted by the HKPA it will also be possible to complete an APPI course anywhere in the world and receive an HKPA licence with the addition of a Hong Kong Air Law exam pass.

There are several more major projects and developments that the Executive Committee are working on.  Some of these will be announced at the AGM but in the mean time I’m sure then information above will generate many questions.  WhatsApp is the best medium to ask those questions.

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