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Long Ke Wan

Flyable wind direction場地可飛風向:
East (NE-E-SE) 東 (東北至東南)

Required pilot rating飛行員資歷要求:
Solo: HKPA 3 holders or above
Under instruction: HKPA 0 holders or above
Tandem operation: HKPA T1 holders or above

Altitude Limit高度限制:

Class G (Port Shelter)

Emergency:  Call 999 (or +852 3661 1630 when using Mainland signal for Sai Kung Police)

Click on the icons to see details of takeoff/landing and walking path


Long Ke Wan is a relatively easy site with a good landing zone and is the primary site for HKPA1/HKPA2 training.
浪茄灣是一個較容易的場地,有良好的著陸區,是進行HKPA1 / HKPA2培訓的主要場所。

The is in the Sai Kung country park. It involves a 10 minute light-moderate hike. It has a easterly facing ridge facing the sea with a ridge on the Right you can fly if conditions permit.

There is reliable lift in front of Take Off and on the ridge to the right if the wind is suitable.

Takeoff Area:

The Take Off is on a mount area on a rock and grit mixed surface at approximately 460ft AMSL.

Numerous launch directions are possible ranging from North East to South East.

Landing Zone:

The main LZ is the large beach in front and below launch. Look out and perform your landing away from swimmer and spectator on the beach.

Its makes for a shorter walk to land as near as possible to the base of the Take Off Hill on the beach. You can pack up in shade under the trees.

Top landings are possible, but with careful planning. There are rotor conditions rear of the takeoff.


Winds to look for on the HKO website are Tate's Cairn and Waglan with force 2-4 Easterly for ridge lift, or weaker conditions for sled runs. Never takeoff a paraglider in force 5 and above wind condition.


  • Helicopter operations of all kinds (GFS/Military/Commercial/Recreational) are common in the vicinity of Long Ke Wan, and are occasionally known to pass at low altitude through the gap directly Southeast of the launch area. 

  • There have been incidents of pilots getting low when soaring the ridge to the Southeast of launch and having insufficient height to reach the landing zone, resulting in water landings and cliff-strikes. Always maintain good altitude awareness, and be aware of late afternoon loss of lift and wind direction shifts.

  • Pilots should be proficient in the emergency procedures of ditching (landing in the water) before takeoff. Please refer to the emergency landing webpage for further information.

  • Pilots should consider wearing a personal flotation device meeting the EN 399 standard when flying over water.
    飛行員在飛越水面時應考慮穿戴符合EN 399標準的個人助浮裝置。


Access to Long Ke Wan is via the Maclehose Trail Section 2 beginning at High Island East Dam. Walk up the trail from the dam, and take the uphill fork on the left at the trail intersection.

The road between Pak Tam Chung and East Dam is restricted to permit holders only, although public transport and taxis are permitted to pass through.

It is possible to borrow an HKPA Sai Kung Park permit. See the details in the member's section.

Emergency Information:

In an emergency call 999 (or +852 3661 1630 when using Mainland mobile signal for Sai Kung Police)
緊急電話999,西貢警察局+852 3661 1630

Mobile signal is heavily degraded around Long Ke Wan, including the on beach and for some providers at launch. If unsure where to get signal, keep heading towards East Dam. 

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