Ma On Shan

Flyable wind direction:
East (E-SE)

HKPA3 solo, HKPA2 under supervision

Altitude Limit:

Class G (New Town) / Class C > 2000ft

Emergency: Call 999

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Ma On Shan is one of the best sites we have in Hong Kong. It has a varied landscape with Ridge Soaring and a Mountain section. There is good potential on good days for limited XC and a number of landing options.

On good days – light east winds and clear skies, it produces good thermals that can easily take the pilot to the height limit of the site.

Top landings are easilly achieved along the main ridge with 2 or 3 regular landing areas along with the main Take Off and Landing area.

There is good lift on weak days in the bowl at the North end of the ridge next to Pyramid Hill which can help you up the face of Pyramid Hill.

Landing Areas:


Top Landings

Beware of going too far behind the ridge due to Rotor created approximately rear of the path on the tree line at the Main TakeOff area.

Main (bottom) LZ

Half way to the water on the right of the ridge that has the Firetower. Identified from the Take Off by the single pine tree. The LZ in on the other side and to the right of the Tree. Landing toward the row of trees. Between the Tree and the Houses is a small powerline. Be aware that in the grass surrounding the clear LZ are hidden rocks and some old metal fencing stakes. Be accurate in your landing. THE FARMERS PADDOCK IS A TAILWIND LANDING IF THE WIND TURNS NORTHERLY = TREES !!!!

From the LZ you can easily walk to Sai Kung to get buses to Choi Hung MTR or Mongkok.


Winds to look for on the HKO website are Tates Cairn 15-25km ENE to SE and Sai Kung E to SE 10km+ 


Height Limit 2500 feet = 760m


Site is directly under the landing flight path for HK International Airport. Strictly observe altitude limits.

Radio Controlled Model Aircraft fly the same site as the Paragliders. Courtesy toward the Model Plane pilots is needed. Try to avoid flying directly in front on the ridge when they are operating. When the lift is sufficient, you can easily fly directly above them with sufficient height or a decent distance in front away from the ridge. When lift is minimal of course you have every right to navigate as needed as close to the ridge to enable you to stay aloft. When conditions are weak, the Model pilots will not be flying.

If the wind is near 30km the lift generated on the ridge can make it difficult to Top Land. You have to position below the ridge on your approach and get lifted up to an appropriate height for landing while making your into wind turns for the actual landing whilst avoiding going too far rear and entering the rotor.

If the lift is weak and you are only just maintaining height on the ridge, try the bowl as mentioned above and if that does not get you any height, it is often a good idea to Top Land anywhere on the ridge and wait for better conditions rather than struggle and get below ridge height limiting your options for landing.

The approach to land at the "Farmers Paddock" is into a small area. The Landing Zone (LZ) is as described in the photo below and is only 40m long and 20m wide, ACCURACY IS REQUIRED.

Landing outside the Green Zone is DANGEROUS. There are hidden metal stakes in the long grass and to the West of the LZ ( toward the hill) are some wires that cross the Approach path. If you cross the Tall Tree with some height, you will stay clear of the wires. 

Farmers Paddock LZ

Approach Threats


For Ma On Shan / Sha Tin side (25 Min Easy Walk up) - Following the map up to Ma On Shan Tsuen, come to the top of the road where the park is, veer to the right, down and across the bridge. Stay on this road to the carpark. It is up the steep bit at the end. The path is at the far end of the carpark. When you get  to the Pagoda go straight ahead. You can see the ridge from the Pagoda. Keep walking until  the open are which is the Main Take Off.

For Sai Kung side (40 Min Moderate Walk up) - Take car to Po Lo Che. Park in the small carpark at the top. Walk round the right side and onto the long set of stairs and all the way to the top. When you get near the top take the fork to the right. Keep walking until  the open are which is the Main Take Off. If you come to the Take Off from this direction the best is to Top Land at the end of the day to avoid the travel back to the car.

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