Article 48 of the Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995 (Cap. 448C of the Laws of Hong Kong) stipulates that a person shall not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft (which includes paragliders) to endanger any person or property. Paraglider pilots shall observe this regulation and operate the paraglider in a safe manner at all times. Any person who contravenes with this regulation is subject to prosecution.

根據《1995 年飛航(香港)令》(香港法例第448C章)第 48 條,任何人士不得因魯莽或疏忽操作航空器(包括滑翔傘)而危害他人或財產的安全。滑翔傘飛行活動者須遵守上述規定,並時刻以安全方式操作滑翔傘。任何人士如違反上述規定,可被檢控

HK Paragliding Sites

As there are many flying sites in Hong Kong, it is possible to fly in nearly any wind direction throughout the year. The majority of the flying areas are soaring sites with reasonable options for landing and top landing.  However, some sites are more challenging than others which will require additional consideration and higher experience to fly. 


There are strict limits placed on our flying here in Hong Kong, Please do not fly outside the approved areas.


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HK Airspace

Hong Kong has sensitive airspace for paragliding that we do not wish to lose. It has taken years to gain sites and they can be lost in a moment should pilots not be careful. Hong Kong is home to the very busy Chek Lap Kok International Airport. There are height limits at all of the sites that MUST be adhered to.


IMPORTANT: FLYING outside of designated paragliding zones is strictly prohibited - any incident that occurs outside the designated areas will not be condoned by the HKPA and you will not be covered by any insurance.


HKPA strongly recommends that all pilots study and be familiar with the relevant Hong Kong Air Laws to understand the regulations and environment before conducting any paragliding activities. 


Click here to Download Google Earth .kmz file to view sites.

Civil Aviation Department HKAIP EN5.5

Hong Kong Flying Sites, click on the different areas for more details

Site Etiquette


  • Set up at the back area if you are slow to arrange your kit and move to the front only when you intend to launch - Do not block the launch area.
  • Do not fly continuously in front of the launch area.
  • Offer advice to assist new & less experienced pilots, if you are able to.
  • Give more room to less experienced pilots in the air and particularly during landings.
  • Be observant of other pilots taking off & landing, do not block their flight path.
  • Be polite to the general public - If you need them to move for safety, ask nicely.
  • Clean up litter (both ours’ and others) - if you are going to fly down with an empty harness, consider taking some trash with you.
  • 請在起飛場後面準備,並在打算起飛時移到前面-不要擋住起飛區域。 
  • 不要在起飛區場前逗留飛行。 
  • 協助新手和經驗不足的飛行員。 
  • 為經驗不足的飛行員在空中和降落時提供更多空間。 
  • 注意其他飛行員的起降,不要阻塞飛行路線。
  • 對公眾保持禮貌,如果為安全起見需要他們合作,請有禮地提出要求。
  • 清理垃圾(包括我們的垃圾和其他垃圾)請考慮隨身帶一些山上的垃圾,安全地飛到降落點

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