Pak Tam Au

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Pak Tam Au is a challenging site that should only attempted with prior briefing.

The site is in the Sai Kung country park. It involves a 45 minute strenuous hike. It has a Northerly facing ridge facing the sea with a valley in front which contains the landing field.

The Normal takeoff is in a bowl area and grass covered surface over mixed terrain initially which can give varied conditions until in the clear air.

There is a lower area which permits takeoff and a shorter walk but it is very committing over varied terrain and in the venturi of the side of the ridge. Landing is possible here with careful planning.

There is reliable lift to the Left of Take Off above the rock cliff and all along the front depending upon the conditions.

Landing Areas:

Top Landings – Are possible, but with careful planning. There are rotor conditions rear of the takeoff. .

The LZ is the small area in front of the ridge before the tree covered hills.  It is to the  Right of the road. Careful planning is needed. In strong wind conditions you may have trouble penetrating far enough to reach the field. The tree covered hill will produce turbulence also. The LZ has  power lines near the road. Often there may be Cows on the field also.

UPDATE: 25 Sept 2013:
(PTA LZ Marker in map above) LANDING ZONE ( Courtesy Michele )

There is another LZ on the Right of the ridge near the walking track. Be careful of venturi thru the gap in the valley.


Winds to look for on the HKO website are  Tap Mun  with as much N as possible.

Height Limit 2000 feet = 609m

Pilot Rating:

Club Pilot


The LZ requires inspection before your first  landing.

This is a challenging site that should not be taken lightly.


Getting to Pak Tam Au ( Taxi )– Initially ask for Sai Kung Country Park. When you get to the Park Gate the taxi can go thru ok. Keep going toward Wong Shek Pier. When you get to the to of the only real hill get out. The Path is on the Left of the road.

(MTR / Bus) – You can catch the MTR to Choi Hung then the A1 to Sai Kung. Get the Bus toward Wong She Pier.

Bus Routes

698R from hk island to wong shek ( weekend only )

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