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As you may have recognized we moved to a new webpage. While we are still in a migration phase all the content is for testing only and certain features may not work. If there is a fundamental issue you find please inform us immediately.

We hope you find the information useful. If you are a pilot that would like to fly in Hong Kong, you must register as a visiting pilot to be eligible to fly legally in Hong Kong. You also would need to have respective 3rd party insurance.

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The HKPA 香港滑翔傘協會

The Hong Kong Paragliding Association (HKPA) is the governing body of all paragliding activities in Hong Kong, licenced to undertake paragliding activities at selected sites and responsible towards government, police civil aviation department and site owners for regulating paragliding activities.

Anyone undertaking paragliding activities within the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
 is required to possess a HKPA pilot license or an overseas pilot license that the HKPA can recognize.  Residents of Hong Kong who habitually fly in Hong Kong must belong to the HKPA.

Commercial Tandem flights are not condoned by the HKPA. If you choose to fly with a tandem pilot who charges you money for the flight, be aware you do not have any insurance coverage from the HKPA and should discuss this fact with the pilot.

Visitors from foreign locations are required to contact an HKPA official before undertaking any paragliding activity. Especially important -it's a legal requirement- is that visiting pilots possess 3rd party insurance coverage valid in Hong Kong. HKPA can arrange temporary insurance coverage for visiting pilots who require it.

Perhaps one of the most special traits of the HKPA is that we exist at all. We treasure our relationship with government bodies who allow us to fly in crowded Hong Kong. Flying in Hong Kong involves paying more attention to the rules and regulations than in most other places in the world. Visiting pilots must contact the HKPA before take off. HKPA pilots need to scrupulously abide by the rules of the Association.

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