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There are certified instructors/schools in Hong Kong. Please ask your instructor or school for their permit granted by the DGCA.

Be careful of scams or unlicensed operations offering flights for free or for discount.

List of HKPA 
certified instructors/schools and DGCA permit holders in Hong Kong

香港民航處 滑翔傘(非香港滑翔傘協會會員)註冊 
Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department Paraglider Registration for non-members of the HKPA  

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Hong Kong China Paragliding Association Limited (HKPA) 中國香港滑翔傘協會有限公司(香港滑翔傘協會)


,應持有港滑翔傘協會的滑翔傘証書以闡明自己具備合適資格和能力,及身體狀況適合的情況下進行滑翔傘飛行活動。請查閱 民航處- 滑翔傘活動安全指引



本會認證具不同程度技能的滑翔傘飛行員 。持有FAI認可機構發出的滑翔傘證書者,可透過互換制度獲取香港滑翔傘協會的滑翔傘資歷証書。

作為 HKSOS 應用程式的大使,中國香港滑翔傘協會強烈推薦所有會員和廣大滑翔傘友下載和使用此應用程式。


HKPA is the national sports association representing paragliding in Hong Kong. Founded in 1991, the HKPA is affiliated with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) and the Hong Kong Aviation Club (HKAC)The HKPA is also the representing body for recreational paragliding on the Hong Kong Sector Flight Safety Committee (Under the HK Civil Aviation Department).

Anyone undertaking paragliding activities within the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region should possess a HKPA paragliding rating to illustrate you are qualified, competent and fit to conduct the paragliding activity. For further reading, Civil Aviation Department - Safety Guidance on Paragliding Activities.

As the National Sports Association for paragliding in Hong Kong, HKPA is also tasked with determining eligibility and making selections for our athletes to represent Hong Kong at international events, such as the Asian Games and the Paragliding World Championships.

The HKPA provides IPPI card and sporting license, please login to order.

The HKPA certifies individuals qualified to teach and certifies paraglider at various levels of competence. Holders of other foreign pilot rating may apply for HKPA rating through equivalence

As the ambassador for the HKSOS app, HK China Paragliding Association highly recommend all our members and the paragliding community at large to download and use this app,

If you are a witness to any incident or accident involving paragliders in Hong Kong, please submit a report here.

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