Visitor pilots

If you are planning to paraglide in Hong Kong, it is a requirement to have adequate insurance coverage in the case of injury or damage to property or people. Hong Kong is an affluent society with a strict legal system. Flying without insurance coverage could get very costly very quickly in the event of an incident or accident.

You must join the HKPA as Visitor via the website prior to flying in Hong Kong for a nominal fee of 20 HKD. This does not include any insurance cover so to use this option you must have your own third party insurance valid in Hong Kong.  It is rare that foreign policies cover pilots in HK.  The alternative is to join the HKPA as a member and you will be insured under the HKPA policy.

As most of our sites are located near busy airspace, it is essential that you comply with the local HK Air Law. Please self-brief using the Site Guides to learn all you can about the various sites and ask for a site briefing from a local pilot.

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