Visitor pilots

You must join the HKPA as Visitor via the website prior to flying in Hong Kong for a nominal fee of 20 HKD. This does not include any insurance cover so to use this option you must have your own third party insurance valid in Hong Kong.  It is rare that foreign policies cover pilots in HK.  The alternative is to join the HKPA as a member and you will be insured under the HKPA policy.

As most of our sites are located near busy airspace, it is essential that you comply with the local HK Air Law. Please self-brief using the Site Guides to learn all you can about the various sites and ask for a site briefing from a local pilot.

Please also read the notice for Hong Kong on the FAI page which is copied below.

Date of submission or update:

5 March 2019

Is the IPPI Card accepted in your country?

Yes. The IPPI Card is accepted in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Paragliding association (HKPA) is the National Sports Association in Hong Kong, appointed by the Hong Kong Sports Federation and Olympic Committee and fully recognised by our NAC as the sole body responsible for non-commercial paragliding administration and governance. The HKPA requires visiting pilots to register online with an IPPI card and certificate or rating issued by their own country.

What is the minimum legal requirement coverage required in your country?

There is no minimum insurance coverage required by law for non-commercial paragliding operations. However, Hong Kong is an affluent society with a strict legal system. Flying without insurance coverage could get very costly very quickly in the event of an incident or accident. It is recommended that pilots should purchase individual third-party liability insurance or join the HKPA as a full member to be covered by the HKPA group third-party liability insurance policy.

What additional coverage does your country recommend (such as medical insurance, search and rescue etc...)?

It is recommended that pilots have their own medical insurance. Search and rescue services including transport of causality to local public hospitals is provided by the Hong Kong Fire Service Department and Hong Kong Government Flying Service, which is free of charge.

Is your NAC prepared to provide special insurance coverage for guest pilots who do not comply with your national law?

By joining the HKPA as a full member, you will have a third-party liability insurance coverage up to HKD 10,000,000.00 under the HKPA policy.

Other information

Hong Kong is home to a very busy International Airport. Our airspace is very sensitive and vulnerable. Please check the site guide on our website.

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