Pat Sin Leng

Flyable wind direction場地可飛風向:
South (SE-S-SW) 南 (東南至西南)

Required pilot rating飛行員資歷要求:
Solo: HKPA 4 holders or above
Under instruction: No instruction allowed

Altitude Limit高度限制:

Class G (New Town)

Emergency:  Call 999 (or +852 3661 1674 when using Mainland signal for Tai Po Police)

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Pat Sin is a Seldom flown site. It requires S winds which come in the Summer. The Ridge is quite long and can produce good flying conditions and great views. Strong Thermic and Soaring condition can be experienced here. Only suitable foe experienced pilot. 

Takeoff Area:

Pat Sin is a Seldom flown site. It requires S winds which come in the Summer. 
The Ridge is quite long and can produce good flying conditions and great views. Thermic and Soaring can be experienced here. 

Cloudy Hill is a challenging Thermal site for S winds. The site is to the north of the territory near Tai Po with a Southerly aspect. To the East of the Take Off is the Pat Sin Range which is reachable from the Take Off if you can gain sufficient height for the initial glide.The Take Off is on a sloping grassy surface.Depending on the actual direction of the wind there can be lift on the Western bowl edge ( if the wind is more East ). It can take some experimenting to locate the lift on the day.

Landing Areas:


Before launching, you must:

  • Identify your target landing zone
  • Investigate the landing zone on foot for hazards
  • Optain permission from the lawful occupier of any private land you intend to land on


Winds to look for on the HKO website are Tai Mei Tuk with as much S as possible. The site is flyable in SW and 

Height Limit 2500 feet = 760m


No identified landing zone. Cloudy Hill has an sheltered Take Off area that has its own conditions that may not be all that similar to what you can experience when airborne. To the East of Take Off there is a set of Powerlines to be avoidedTo the West over the ridge there is a Large set of High Tension Power lines. If you end up on the West side of the Take Off ridge ensure you can clear these lines.

The Takeoff is from a bowl that funnels the wind in. You have to be aware of the loss of wind after takeoff. Assess the conditions prior to setting up. The LZ's are small and sheltered from the ambient wind. Expect the wind to be NIL on the ground while there is still wind above any trees. If the tide is out there is a chance to land on the sandy shoreline if the sand is exposed. 


Drive to Tai Mei Tuk ( see above map and park in the car park .)

Walk up the Road to the start of the Trail

This is the Trail Entrance

This is another option to walk up

This is the Start of the Hard Bit

This is a demanding 1:30-2:00hr walk. In the summer with 30+ deg heat the trail is sheltered from the wind so there is no relief with any breeze. The first part of the trail is pretty easy going for an hour, but dont be fooled and wast your energy, it then slowly steepens and after arriving at the phone box, steepens again into a 30-45min direct uphill. 
After arriving at the top, you must traverse over 2 hills to the NW to arrive at the Takeoff. The views are outstanding.
If the wind is suitable , Takeoff can be achieved prior to reaching the area described above.

  • Minimum water would be 2 L ( i took 3 L and used 2 getting up to the top)

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