Flyable wind direction:
North (N - NE)

 HKPA3 solo, All levels under instruction

Altitude Limit:

Class G (Port Shelter)

Emergency:  Call 999 (or +852 3661 1630 when using Mainland signal for Sai Kung Police)

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Sai Wan is an infrequently used but gazetted paragliding site open for use. Recently some members have rediscovered this site which is especially suitable for speedwings due to it's Launch to Landing glide just over 2:1.

Compared with the nearby Long Kee Sai Wan offers a higher launch (220m/730ft) and works in more northerly winds than Long Kee.

Launch Area:

Launch area is a small spur 220m/730ft AMSL, slightly towards the eastern face from the nose of the ridge.

Landing Zones:

The main LZ is the Sai Wan Tsuen beach. Below shows full DBF circuit approach paths (green, recommended) and direct over-river (pink) approach paths. In all cases be aware of the power lines.


Flyable wind direction NE-N


A power line spans across the whole valley. You must know where you are in relation to the power lines if flying low near the rivers or the point separating the two beaches. 


Access to the site is via the 29R Village Bus to Sai Wan Pavilion from Sai Kung, then following the uphill trail.

Emergency Information:

In an emergency call 999 (or +852 3661 1630 when using Mainland mobile signal for Sai Kung Police)

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