Upcoming events

    • 28 Apr 2019
    • 08:30 - 18:00
    • Welcome Beach, South Lantau Hong Kong
    • 49

    The goal of this event is to introduce new pilots to the world of competitions in a safe, relaxed and slow paced sharing environment.

    This is a perfect opportunity for pilots who’ve never been in a competition (Accuracy or XC) to meet and listen to our Hong Kong athletes about how it all works (the gadgets, the rules, and the talk) - answer any questions you may have - then put it all together into practice – and finally cap off the day with a full stomach at the BBQ.


    對於從未參加過比賽(Accuracy或XC)的飛行員來說,這是一個絕佳的機會,可以與我們的香港運動員見面並聽取他們的分享(飛行儀器的運用,規則和技術性用詞) - 他們會盡力回答你的問題 - 然後你便可以把它全部付諸實踐 - 最後唔好忘記大家還有一個海邊燒烤等着你。 沒打算參加比賽?一樣歡迎!您還可以帶同家人和朋友一起享受我們這個燒烤聚會,一同觀看滑翔傘!

    General Schedule

    Sunday April 28th, 2019

    4月28日 星期天

    8:30 - Meeting at Tung Chung MTR 飛行員到達東涌雜合

    9:15 - Mandatory Safety Briefing at Pak Kung Au伯公坳 安全簡報

    9:45 -12:00 - Accuracy/XC Competition Sharing定點技術分享和講解

    12:00 - 16:00 - Launch and Accuracy Practice定點比賽練習

    16:00 - BBQ event + debrief


    XC - Herman, Dixon, Katherine
    Accuracy - Iron, Simon, Siu Yiu
    Support - Jackie, Kelly, Ah Leung

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