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Paragliding Minimum Equipment

The Minimum Equipment for flight is

  • Airworthy Paraglider

  • Airworthy Harness

  • A helmet certified to either EN966 (airsports), EN1077 A & B, ASTM2040 or SNELL rs98 (snow sports)
  • A reserve/emergency parachute attached appropriately to their harness.
  • Radio set to our local safety frequency 145.9875 MHz
All equipment should be replaced at the end of its lifespan defined by manufacturer.
  • 適航的滑翔傘

  • 適航的坐袋

  • EN966 (airsports), EN1077 A & B, ASTM2040 or SNELL rs98 (snow sports) 認證的頭盔

  • 後備降落傘

  • 已調至安全頻道145.9875 Mhz的無線電


Consideration should be given to the following

  • Easily accessible hook knife
  • A variometer with GPS logger function
  • A tracker with SOS function
  • Compass
  • Paragliding Boots

  • Adequate Water
  • Food
  • Fly with a friend
  • Have seen the landing areas - some are quite challenging
  • Consider taking a rubbish bag up with you. On your last flight down you may be able to bring down left behind water bottles.
  • If you are new to the sport please consider trailing a ribbon behind your wing to let other pilots know to please give you more room. 
  • 方便使用的鉤刀
  • 具有GPS記錄器功能的升降儀表
  • 具有SOS功能的追踪器
  • 羅盤
  • 滑翔傘靴
  • 充足的水
  • 食物
  • 和朋友一起飛
  • 預先視察降落區-有些頗具挑戰性
  • 考慮帶上一個垃圾袋,在飛行時,您可能把山上垃圾帶走
  • 如果您不熟悉這項運動,請考慮在傘翼後面拖一條紅色緞帶,讓其他飛行員知道,給您更多空間。

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