South Lantau East

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South Lantau is separated into two flying zones (east and west) this page is a about the East flying site.
Please be reminded that crossing between the two flying sites is strictly prohibited because of Helicopter Traffic in the gap.

South Lantau is one of two Southerly sites in Hong Kong. It is mostly a Soaring site, with good thermals on a sunny day. The site allows limited XC flights with great views and a easy beach landing.

The site is close proximity to HK Intl Airport and as such has a few Special Requirements.

1.     You MUST CONTACT the Government Flying Service Prior to flying the site PH: 23058301 and also the HK Tower 29106822. They will want to know which side you are flying and your duration of flight.

2.     You must not fly across the Road from one side to the other. This is an active Helicopter Lane

3.     DO NOT Enter Cloud on this site. There are Aircraft nearby.

There are 2 official Take Offs. The East and the West. The East is the normal Take Off.

The LZ is the large Beach in front of Take Off. You are able to land on the Left and Right of the Headland.

Top landings are achievable but need careful consideration.

There is reliable lift to the Right of Take Off above the rock cliff and all along the front depending upon the conditions.

At the East Take Off under the trees to the East you can find shelter from the sun and light rain if needed, there are often mosquitos there !

Landing Areas:

Top Landings – Depending on the conditions you are able to do Top Landings.

Left side of the beach – The LZ is to the Left of the swimming area. Avoid landing too close to the swimming area. On your approach take note of the flags on the Swimming building. Also there are often flags to the left of the swimming area and Boats parked into wind. There is a good pack up area to the Left of the buildings behind a small fence where there are tents and a large grassy area. Tradition says if you pack up there you can get some drinks from the ladies in the near shop.

There is a great few restaurants near the Left LZ

Right side of the beach – The LZ is next to the small water way. If you land to the Right of the waterway you can easily walk to the packup area behind at the Beach Club. You can gets drink there too.


Winds to look for on the HKO website are Chung Chau with as much S as possible and 15+ km

Height Limit 2000 feet = 610m

Pilot Rating:

Club Pilot and Student under Instruction


The East Take Off has to be carefully considered in light winds. You may need to Forward Launch. Be careful of the rocks in front of the launch. Ensure that you have a good setup and stable Take Off. On good conditions the rocks pose no problem.


Getting to South Lantau – Take the MTR to Tung Chung. You can either get a Blue Taxi ( Exit C ) toward Cheung Sha, or get any NLB bus ( Exit A ) to Mui Wo, Ngong Ping or Tai O. In Either case when you can see the top of the hill get out at the bus stop.

For East Take Off ( 20 Minute easy walk ) - take the lower of the two paths to go to the Normal Take Off. Keep walking until you walk past a water catchment then a very large rock on your Right. When you get the view of the water look on your left for the steep uphill track to the Take Off.

If you would like a more strenuous walk ( 45 Minute hard walk ) - you can take the Left path that leads up the hill. There are places that are able to take off on the way up but the Top has the best Launch.

Welcome Beach Packing Up

We have been asked by the owners at Welcome Beach NOT to pack up on the grass where the teepee tents are, please walk past the cafe area and pack up on the spare grass to the left of the cafe area 

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