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通告 / Notice

24 Dec 2021 10:43 | Anonymous


香港滑翔傘協會昨天晚上獲悉,一名滑翔傘飛行員在龍脊西坡墜毀,隨後死亡。 我們對飛行員的親人和朋友表示深切慰問。

事故的細節正在調查中,並且航空事故調查需要一些時間。 香港滑翔傘協會正與警方、民航處及事故調查員聯絡。 在這種情況下,我們的理解是航空事故調查局 (AAIA) 對事故調查有主導權,我們將在可能的情況下為調查提供協助。

此外,作為香港滑翔傘運動的體育總會,我們的程序要求我們召集自己的調查委員會,調查導致死亡的事故。 此類調查的唯一目的是通過分析事故、事故徵候和數據來促進滑翔傘事故的預防。



The Hong Kong Paragliding Association Ltd was informed yesterday evening that a paraglider pilot has crashed on the western slope of Dragon’s Back and subsequently passed away. We offer our deepest condolences to the pilot’s loved ones and friends.

Details of the accident are under investigation, however accurate information will take time to produce. The Hong Kong Paragliding Association is in contact with the Police, the Civil Aviation Department and the accident investigators. In this situation, it is our understanding that the Air Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) holds primary determination over accident investigation, and we will provide our assistance where possible to any such investigation.

Additionally, as the National Sports Association for paragliding in Hong Kong, our procedures require us to convene our own board of inquiry into accidents resulting in death. The purpose of such an inquiry is solely to promote paragliding accident prevention by analysis of accident, incident and data.

Media and public enquiries can be directed to

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